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Biochar Property Explorer

This tool allows you to compare the properties of biochars produced from PNW feedstocks. It also allows you to compute the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) classification for biochars in our database, or for your own biochar if you have laboratory test results.

Our database currently consists of 23 biochars produced from 11 different feedstocks, and includes both commercial and laboratory-produced biochars. See the list of biochars here.

Details of the IBI biochar classification are given here.

Note that considerable variability can exist among biochars, and data provided here may not match the properties of your biochar. Use these tools to familiarize yourself with the range in biochar properties and general trends (e.g. higher temperature biochars contain more long-lived carbon).

Source code and data for this tool can be found at the PNW Biochar Atlas GitHub repository.