Case Studies

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Farm Power: Gasifying grass residues for energy and biochar

Spokane, WA. Describes a gasification system to produce on-farm electricity, and a field trial that applied the resulting biochar in winter wheat.

Improving Soil Health in Dryland Wheat Production

Pendelton, OR. Describes a four year biochar field trial in winter wheat in the intermediate precipitation zone of the Palouse.

Pairing Woodlot and Pasture Management in Southern Oregon

Roseburg, OR. Explores small-farm scale biochar production on a mixed timber and pasture operation.

Biochar for Dry Farming

Corvallis, OR. Describes a demonstration of vegetable dry farming practices using biochar.

Biochar for Blueberries

Corvallis and Aurora, OR. Describes efforts by an OSU graduate student to develop an acidic biochar amendment suitable for blueberries.

Can the Production of Juniper-based Biochar Offset the Cost of Rangeland Restoration?

Duchess Sanctuary: Citizen Science in Action

Oakland, OR. Describes a two-year pasture trial by the Umqua Biochar Education Team (UBET) using conifer wood biochar.

Using biochar to increase profit margins on a commercial ranch

Days Creek, OR. Describes evaluations of a high-carbon boiler ash biochar co-composted with manure to improve pasture fertility and pH.